Specialty Pizzas

Taco? Buffalo Chicken Ranch? Chili Mac?

You have to try these pizzas!

We’ve got all your favorite specialty pizzas too!

(*ask to make it a double crust!)
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Our Specialty Pizzas –¬†Served on our single crust dough

Taco –

Mexican style meat (ground beef or fajita chicken), onions, black olives, jalapenos, tortilla chips, cheddar cheese topped with iceberg lettuce and tomatoes, all on our signature pizza sauce

Hawaiian* –

Canadian Bacon and pineapple

Buffalo Chicken Ranch –

Buffalo seasoned chicken breast strips with a ranch based sauce and topped with a mozzarella and provolone blend and sprinkled with basil

5 Cheese Blend* –

All cheese pizza with mozzarella, provolone, mild cheddar, parmesan, Romano and basil

Spinach Bacon Tomato* –

Spinach, bacon and tomatoes

Sloan’s Delight* –

Sausage, pepperoni, mushroom, onion and green pepper

The Works* –

The Works… Supreme, Super, Deluxe, Kitchen Sink, whatever you want to call it! This is the one with all of the goodies! Sausage, mushroom, onion, green peppers, pepperoni, black olives, green olives, bacon pieces, Canadian bacon and fresh tomatoes!

BBQ Chicken –

BBQ sauce and white chicken breast strips and bacon with a cheese blend of mozzarella, provolone and cheddar and topped with basil

Sloan’s Meat* –

Sausage, pepperoni, salami, ground beef, ham, Canadian bacon and bacon pieces

Chili Mac –

Thin crust with a layer of our signature pizza sauce. Next, we cover the pizza in spaghetti noodles and add a generous portion of chili! Then we top it off with cheese, red onions and a drizzle of French dressing.

Veggie –

Red onions, banana peppers, green peppers, tomatoes, spinach and our 5 cheese blend.
Specialty Pizzas10" Pizza12" Pizza14" Pizza16" Pizza
Buffalo Chicken Ranch$8.60$10.65$13.15$14.50
5 Cheese Blend*$8.70$10.65$13.35$14.70
Spinach Bacon Tomato*$8.60$10.55$13.15$14.50
Sloan's Delight*$11.35$14.20$17.90$19.55
The Works*$12.29$15.45$19.49$21.10
BBQ Chicken$11.35$14.20$17.90$19.55
Sloan's Meat*$11.35$14.20$17.90$19.55
Chili Mac$12.29$15.45$19.49$21.10

Additional information

Pizza Meat

Bacon Pieces, Canadian Bacon, Chicken, Ground Beef, Ham, Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, Salami

Pizza Veggies

Banana Peppers, Black Olives, Diced Tomatoes, Fresh Mushrooms, Green Olives, Green Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers, Onions, Pepperoncini, Pineapple, Red Onions, Sauerkraut, Spinach

Pizza Size

10" Pizza, 12" Pizza, 14" Pizza, 16" Pizza

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